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Undone on Highway 101

Bess Bendet

On the way to a friend’s birthday party recently, I was on highway 101 in Sonoma County, stuck in slow-moving traffic.... Continue reading »

Lessons from Mi Abuelita

Crispin Delgado

Her chest rose and fell in sync with every beep of the machine next to her hospital bed. She lay there peacefully,... Continue reading »

Build. Test. Repeat.

Aden Bliss

I love spreadsheets.  And I mean love spreadsheets.  I even dressed up as one for Halloween.  In my view,... Continue reading »

Closing California’s Healthcare Chasm

Peter Long, Ph.D.

I’ve always told people that I grew up in Forest Hill, Maryland, in a town of less than 400 people. However, a colleague... Continue reading »

Brenda's family

Pursuing your passion; remembering your roots

Brenda Solórzano

I love summer for many reasons, but one of them may surprise you - it’s the season when I get to spend time with our... Continue reading »

Chicago-style hot dog

Thrown for a Curve

Bess Bendet

For me, the best part of going to a baseball game is, actually, not the game itself; it’s the opportunity to enjoy one of... Continue reading »

 health means everything,  is everywhere, for everyone

New Strategy, Same Mission

Peter Long, Ph.D.

We understand that creating real impact doesn’t happen by chance. So, over the past year, we worked with our Board and... Continue reading »

Princess Bride movie photo

From the ‘Cliffs of Insanity’ to ‘As you wish’

Peter Long, Ph.D.

If you have ever seen the movie The Princess Bride, you know that it is an epic adventure that has a... Continue reading »

Patients at a California Community Health Center

The Patient Is In: Listening To Low-Income Californians

Peter Long, Ph.D.

The dramatic expansions in health insurance coverage included in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (... Continue reading »