Amanda Kim

Communications Officer

Amanda Kim (she/her), communications officer, advances the goals and strategic directions of the Foundation through storytelling, grantmaking, strategic communications, and narrative change projects. She serves as the communications leader in the Foundation's work to align systems with community priorities. She has over 14 years of experience as a communications officer, supervisor, and manager in public sector fields ranging from health and human services to the environment and housing.

Amanda received her Master of Fine Arts from San Francisco State University and her bachelor's degree in American civilization from Brown University. She is a fourth-generation Californian whose family has been farming and working on farms since the 1890s. Amanda has a strong affinity for California’s diverse stories and has worked on two California oral history projects, one documenting farmworker life and the other on the history of health sciences in the Bay Area. Amanda is an avid hiker, an amateur naturalist, and a food adventurer. She serves on the board of the nonprofit East Palo Alto Center for Community Media.


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