Mary Ann Treble

Finance, Operations, and Grants Transformation Manager

Mary Ann Treble (she/her) serves as the finance, operations and grants transformation manager for Blue Shield of California Foundation, bringing more than 10 years of accounting, operations, and business management experience. In her role, she is responsible for analyzing and improving organizational processes with a focus on promoting efficiency, data integrity, and internal controls.

Mary Ann graduated from the University of California, Davis with a Bachelor of Science in managerial economics. Prior to joining the Foundation, she held various roles doing everything from accounting for a small startup in Silicon Valley to portfolio accounting for Barclays Global Investors. She eventually pursued her childhood dream of attending culinary school. After graduating from the California Culinary Academy’s chef program and receiving an associate's degree in culinary arts, she interned with Bon Appétit.

Mary Ann eventually found herself managing multiple corporate catering accounts including Bon Appétit at Oracle’s Conference Center, where she was able to utilize her culinary, accounting, and business management skills. A native of the Bay Area, Mary Ann enjoys getting involved in community fundraisers and projects, and she has participated in SF Food Wars Mini Cupcake Challenge, the Giving Challenge, and many a bake sale. When not busy experimenting in the kitchen, you will find Mary Ann playing with her two pudgy pugs Gus and Boba, gardening, or hiking by the coast with her family.