California Health Report - Amplifying the Issues that Matter to our Mission

Since 2012, Blue Shield of California Foundation has been supporting California Health Report's coverage of health access issues and domestic violence. The Foundation's funding has helped make possible some of the state's most comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the healthcare safety net, the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and family violence in our communities. The independent, non-profit news organization helps fill a gap in coverage of these issues brought about by the decline of the mainstream news media.

After the expansion of Medi-Cal in 2014, for example, the Health Report exposed the existence of a backlog of several hundred thousand applications that were not being processed because the state Department of Health Services was not prepared to handle the increased workload. This coverage brought needed attention to the public and policymakers and helped to ensure that newly-eligible low-income Californians could get the care they deserved.

The Health Report's coverage of domestic violence has included stories about under-reported sexual violence in the agricultural industry and in the LGBT community in California, as well as the prevalence of teen-dating violence, and the problem of mothers losing their children after reporting domestic violence because authorities charged them with “failing to protect” their kids from the abuser. Another fascinating article recently delved into the connection between pet abuse and domestic violence.

“The Foundation's support has allowed us to report and publish dozens and dozens of articles that otherwise would never have seen the light of day,” said Daniel Weintraub, the California Health Report's editor-in-chief. “These stories help us accomplish our mission of connecting the policy world to the real world by exposing problems and spotlighting success stories.”