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Census 2020: Information and Resources

As the 2020 United States Census nears, The Foundation recognizes the urgent need for a fair and accurate count in our state. A complete count will protect individuals' and communities' political voices and protect the federal services, programs, and projects that Californians need. According to a recent projection by the Urban Institute, a nonpartisan think tank, nearly 800,000 Californians could be missed in next year’s census. We are especially concerned with the groups that are at highest risk of an undercount, including residents of rural areas, immigrants, and young children.

Below you'll find information about the risk for an undercount, a list of organizations working to ensure a full count, and more information about the 2020 census. 

At the Foundation, we are supporting multiple efforts to make sure that a fair and accurate 2020 census helps protect the health and well-being of all Californians. In 2018 and 2019, we have awarded over $2.2M in grants to help ensure a fair 2020 census: 


  • Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees (GCIR) - $50,000
  • NALEO - $200,000
  • The Center at Sierra Health Foundation - $276,000
  • Partnership for America’s Children - $150,000


  • GCIR - $100,000
  • The Children’s Partnership - $100,000
  • The Center at Sierra Health Foundation - $200,000
  • NALEO - $200,000
  • Partnership for America's Children - $150,000

The following grants were made to community foundations and included additional funds for non-census purposes:

  • Community Foundation serving Inland Southern California - $150,000
  • Sacramento Region CF - $100,000
  • Ventura County CF - $100,000
  • Latino Community Foundation - $100,000

The following grants support census education and outreach:

  • San Diego Grantmakers - $250,000
  • Charitable Ventures of Orange County - $150,000        
  • California Community Foundation Community Investment Fund (LA Partnership for Early Childhood Investment) - $100,000

Blue Shield of California Foundation Census grantmaking





Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants    

   and Refugees (GCIR)                                    50,000

NALEO                                                           200,000



Sierra Health Foundation                               276,000



Partnership for America’s Children               150,000





GCIR                                                               100,000

The Children’s Partnership                             100,000

Sierra Health Foundation                               200,000

NALEO                                                           200,000



This is the Census grantmaking amount of 4 grants to community foundations that included additional funds for non-Census purposes:


Community Foundation serving

  Inland Southern California                           $150,000

Sacramento Region CF                                   $100,000

Ventura County CF                                         $100,000        

Latino Community Foundation                      $100,000        


These are grants just for Census education and outreach:

San Diego Grantmakers                                 $250,000        

Charitable Ventures of Orange County          $150,000        

California Community Foundation

  Community Investment Fund

  (LA Partnership for Early Childhood

  Investment)                                                   $100,000



Total                                                           $ 2,226,000