Jenesse Center

Jenesse Center, a longstanding Foundation grantee, is taking a holistic approach to domestic violence intervention and prevention. Not just a shelter, Jenesse provides survivors with a way out, and a way forward.

The staff at Jenesse is dedicated — and that is an understatement. When asked what their role is at the Center, each of them responds: "everything." From the CEO to the Intake Assistant, their common dictum is that “you do what needs to be done.” They reinforce their compassion with an unwillingness to fail.

It’s clear that not everyone could do this job. Hours are never nine to five, and successes are hard-won. Yet, every single day, the staff members at Jenesse rise up on behalf of women who have been kept down.

Impeccably organized, clean, and modern, their safe-haven provides needed order for lives previously in chaos. It’s as if, for survivors who’ve only seen the bleakest grey for so long, Jenesse stands around them like a windbreak, so that from within all they see is color.

In addition to protection and empowerment, respect is an intentional thread woven throughout Jenesse’s program. For women whose minds, hearts, and bodies have been persistently disrespected, the way in which they are treated at Jenesse helps to reinforce what they’ve deserved all along.

Beyond requiring all survivors to enroll in school or work full-time, Jenesse also provides them with critical tools to rebuild their lives. From computer literacy classes to financial management training to fashion and beauty coaching, Jenesse’s program is a carefully-plotted expertly-executed path to a better life. Survivors who come to Jenesse leave with new skills, careers, diplomas, and souls re-brightened. Jenesse Center isn’t just one thing; it’s everything. And for so many women who feel as if they have nothing left, this is what saves them.

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