Rainbow Services

Providing a safe place for survivors of domestic violence to heal and regain hope is the mission of Blue Shield Against Violence grantee, Rainbow Services. By providing women and children with emergency and transitional housing, counseling, and life-skills training, Rainbow Services is working to end the cycle of domestic violence among families in San Pedro.

Rainbow Services is empowered to determine and address its own priorities by using the flexible, mission-oriented core support funding from Blue Shield of California Foundation. For Rainbow Services, this means they can support services that families need most when in crisis, including shelter, food, and medical care.

The youngest survivors of domestic violence need a chance to feel like kids in the midst of their situation, so Rainbow Services offers a unique children’s enrichment program with activities like arts and crafts, language and reading development, math skills, and computer time. A multi-year, core operating support grant from the Foundation allows Rainbow Services to make funding decisions based on their own priorities and needs.

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