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A Case Study Synthesis and Analysis: Navigating the Journey Upstream

March, 2019

The move from fee-for-service to value-based payment models has led to greater accountability for health outcomes among... Read more »

Report: The Economics of Child Abuse: A Study of California

March, 2019

In 2017, one out of every 19 children were reported as victims of maltreatment in California. Signs of child maltreatment... Read more »

Final Report: California Future Health Workforce Commission

March, 2019

California’s health system is facing a crisis, with rising costs and millions of Californians struggling to access the... Read more »

Report: A Life Course Framework for Preventing Domestic Violence

February, 2019

Report: A life course framework for preventing domestic violence Read more »

Portraits of Domestic Violence: The African American Experience

February, 2019

In this report funded by Blue Shield of California Foundation, Portraits of Domestic Violence: The African American... Read more »

2018 Year in Numbers

January, 2019


In 2018 Blue Shield of California Foundation launched a new strategic plan and awarded $26.6 million to... Read more »

JSI Report: Widening the Lens — The Bi-directional Pathways between Domestic Violence and Social Factors

November, 2018
Over 12 million people in the United States experience physical violence, rape, or stalking at the hand of an intimate... Read more »

Family Consequences of Detention & Deportation: Effects on Finances, Health, and Well-Being

September, 2018

Building upon a previous Kaiser Family Foundation survey, which showed that the current policy environment has increased... Read more »

Addressing Intimate Partner Violence as a Social Determinant of Health in Clinical Settings

September, 2018

Addressing Intimate Partner Violence as a Social Determinant of Health in Clinical Settings: this brief shares... Read more »