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2014-2015 Core Support Initiative: Field Overview

March, 2016

The Foundation awards core operating grants to safety net organizations across California to support their capacity to... Read more »

Affordability and Eligibility Barriers Remain for California’s Uninsured

March, 2016

Using data from the 2014 California Health Interview Survey, this brief examines the reasons thar Californians remain... Read more »

Who Had Medi-Cal and Who Remained Uninsured in the First Year of ACA Expansion?

March, 2016

This brief compares adults who were enrolled in Medi-Cal with adults who were income-eligible for Medi-Cal coverage but... Read more »

Triple Aim Measurement Toolkit Webinar (Q&A)

February, 2016

How do we measure our progress toward the Triple Aim? Based on questions asked... Read more »

Improving the Safety-Net Patient Experience: 10 Things Health Centers Can Do

January, 2016

Empowered patients are far more apt to be engaged and satisfied ones. Here are 10 things CHCs can do to empower patients to take an active role in their care. Read more »

The Strong Field Project

January, 2016

Visit the Strong Field Project's website to learn more about who was involved, what was accomplished, and what we learned. Read more »

The Accountable Community for Health: An Emerging Model for Health System Transformation

January, 2016

The Prevention Institute investigates the potential for "Accountable Communities for Health" to become a new, sustainable... Read more »

The Patient Engagement Resource Library

January, 2016

The Patient Engagement Resource Library compiles helpful tools, articles, case studies, and other reference materials that can be leveraged to enhance and implement strategies around patient engagement. Read more »

2015: The Year in Numbers

December, 2015

In 2015, Blue Shield of California Foundation awarded $30.8 million to advance health equity and prevent and address... Read more »

November 2015 Update: Ready, Set, Enroll

November, 2015

This report, by Pacific Health Consulting Group, is an update to the September 2013 report, "Ready, Set, Enroll:... Read more »