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FAQs - Mobile & Web Technologies for Patient Engagement

September, 2015

Based on questions asked during our August 26 Webinar, this FAQ was completed by experts in the field who are leading...

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The Path To Patient Engagement

February, 2015

Research shows that patients who feel a personal connection with their providers are more informed, engaged, and satified...

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Strengthening Engagement with Low-Income Latino Patients

March, 2014

Latinos account for more than half of California’s uninsured population and are the majority ethnic group among all low-...

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Empowerment and Engagement Among Low-Income Californians: Enhancing Patient-Centered Care

September, 2012

Patient empowerment and engagement are central to achieving more efficient care models and improved health outcomes. This...

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On the Cusp of Change: the Healthcare Preferences of Low-Income Californians

June, 2011

This report, produced by Langer Research Associates, contains the results of a new statewide survey of low-income adults...

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