Exploring the Value of Prevention: Request for Proposal Resources

June, 2018

In the future, greater investment is needed in strategies that promote strong families, healthy relationships, and...

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Webinar - Further Forward: Our New Strategy for Impact

May, 2018

Blue Shield of California Foundation recently launched a new strategic plan aimed at transforming the health and well-...

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DVHCP Evaluation Summary

January, 2018

Key Findings and Lessons Learned from the DomesticViolence and Health Care Partnership Project. 

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Developing a Trauma- and Resilience-Focused Accountable Community for Health

May, 2017

There is increasing awareness of the interplay between an individual’s socioeconomic and environmental circumstances and...

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Disrupting the Pathway - A Prevention Approach to Medical High Utilization

October, 2016

This paper explores a prevention-based methodology for disrupting the pathways that lead many patients to over-utilize...

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The Impact of Domestic Violence on our Healthcare System

September, 2016

This infographic illuminates the cost and detrimental effects of domestic violence on our healthcare system and its...

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National Approaches to Whole-Person Care in the Safety Net

March, 2014

An individual’s health is greatly influenced by the social and economic conditions in which they live, work, and...

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Results of Statewide Poll on Domestic Violence

November, 2012

Tulchin Research recently conducted a groundbreaking statewide survey among adults in California  to  better  understand...

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The Succession Planning Lens: Looking to the Future of Domestic Violence Organizations

February, 2012

We hope this publication will prepare, empower, and inspire domestic violence organizations – their executives, boards,...

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