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Part of a map depicting systems involved in domestic violence

A behind-the-scenes look at our campaign to shift perceptions.

A multiracial crowd stands together
Carolyn Wang Kong

Why does a funder focused on health equity and domestic violence invest in power-building? And what does power-building mean? We asked the leaders of statewide efforts building power among...

A cartoon image of a child's hand over and adult hand

The Steps to Family Child Care Success program (STEPS) program is a 14-week technical assistance program where participants – who are all women – learn about child development, understand bookkeeping and taxes, expand digital literacy, and market themselves. Lina Mousa is utilizing this program to run her home child child care business serving Iraqi immigrants in the San Diego area.

A group attending a workshop claps in unity

The Foundation recently updated its priorities with three new multidisciplinary tracks to turn California into the healthiest state and end domestic violence.

multiple hands
Carolyn Wang Kong

If I were to pick a theme for 2020, it would be the year of taking a stand. We can say with confidence that our world, our state, and our communities are changing and being challenged in ways that...

Jelissa Parham

On a sunny day in the Bay, I walk up to my apartment door and think about how I’m looking forward to spending some time outside attempting to rescue the plants in my garden that I just can’t seem to...

Portrait of Carolyn Wang Kong
By: Carolyn Wang Kong

What started out two years ago as a simple “strategic plan refresh” quickly became a completely new direction for Blue Shield of California Foundation in our journey to make California the healthiest...

Movement leader Dolores Huerta with megaphone
Jacqueline del Castillo

I grew up in Grand Blanc, a small town just outside of Flint, epicenter of the Flint Water Crisis and birthplace of Michael Moore. My family members were the only Hispanics we knew and we shared our...

Carolyn Wang Kong and Ray Baxter
Carolyn Wang Kong

Chief Program Director Carolyn Wang Kong interviewed President & CEO Ray Baxter about health as a unifying vision for social change.

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