What will it take to get to a more safe and healthy future for all Californians?

Program Overview

California is a diverse state. 40 million people live here. Over 220 languages are spoken by those who call it home. The needs of these people are just as diverse as they are and this means that a one-size fits all approach will not work. Across the state, far too many of our most vulnerable neighbors are being left behind. At Blue Shield of California Foundation, we're working with communities, from Modoc County to Fresno, on three breakthrough initiatives to support the needs of all Californians.

Our work focuses on:

Two survivors of domestic violence hug

Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence

Violence is cyclical, generational, and can be experienced and felt over an individual’s lifetime. We’re working to prevent domestic violence, which takes a multigenerational approach.
Doctor and patient in front of mural at a community health center

Collaborating for Healthy Communities

We’re working to understand what it takes to implement breakthrough collaborative models that support community health and end multigenerational domestic violence.
Mother and child

Designing the Future of Health

How do communities create, experience, and sustain equitable and responsive health solutions? We’re working with our partners to find out how to create population health ecosystems for all.