Strengthen economic security and mobility

Health and well-being for Californians are inextricably connected to their economic security. When families are economically secure, they can meet their basic needs—live in safe and stable housing, keep food on the table, pay the bills, care for one another when needed, and save for the future—which leads to healthier individuals, families, and communities, and can prevent violence in the home.

Women, immigrants, communities of color, and people with low incomes face disproportionate barriers to achieving economic stability and mobility, and we’re committed to addressing the root causes of these inequities and removing those barriers. We invest in approaches that put more time and money in the hands of Californians with low incomes; that increase care workers’ wages, benefits, and job quality, while keeping care affordable and accessible for families; and that spur innovations to provide greater economic security for survivors of domestic violence.

“We see income and wealth, particularly when viewed through the lens of racial and gender equity, as powerful long-term contributors to health and well-being. Strengthening economic security and mobility for Californians means creating equitable opportunity to improve financial well-being, to set up the next generations for success, to plan for the future, and to tend to their health and the health of their families.”

—Rachel Wick, Senior Program Officer

Creating impact through systems change

A woman gestures at drawings of houses on a chalkboard, interacting with young students

We support grantees who are working to catalyze policy changes that will have a positive impact on communities of color with low incomes in California. Specifically, we’re promoting:

  • Increasing wage replacement to drive equity in access to paid family leave
  • Increasing eligibility for tax credits to new populations
  • Exploring long-term policy solutions for guaranteed income
  • Making CalWORKs and community college systems work for student parents
  • Protecting the health and safety of domestic workers
  • Increasing public investment in entrepreneurship and small business development for care workers
  • Increasing public investment in innovative approaches to support domestic violence survivors, such as Domestic Violence Housing First programs to prevent homelessness


Grantee Year Grant Amount Region
FreeFrom 2021 $600,000 National
Western Center on Law and Poverty 2021 $275,000 Statewide
San Diego State University Research Foundation 2021 $240,851 South
International Rescue Committee Inc 2021 $232,236 South
Golden State Opportunity 2021 $150,000 Statewide
California Immigrant Policy Center 2021 $700,000 Statewide
Mujeres Unidas y Activas 2021 $500,000 Statewide
The Regents of the University of California San Francisco 2021 $500,000 Statewide
Legal Aid at Work 2021 $400,000 Statewide
Womens Foundation of California 2021 $375,000 Statewide
United Ways of California 2021 $350,000 Statewide
Child Care Law Center 2021 $300,000 Statewide
California Budget & Policy Center 2021 $300,000 Statewide
Center for the Study of Social Policy 2021 $137,247 Statewide

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