We work toward a future of equity, health, and prosperity for all Californians.


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March 2024

Foundation invests $5.2 million toward preventing domestic violence and making California the healthiest state

"We share the vision of our grantee partners, of a California where everyone has an opportunity to live a healthy life."

— Debbie I. Chang, MPH, Foundation president & CEO
Our Mission

Our Mission

Blue Shield of California Foundation supports lasting and equitable solutions to make California the healthiest state and end domestic violence.

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What We Do
80% of health outcomes are not tied to health care

What We Do

Well-being for California communities

80% of health outcomes are not tied to health care — which is why we target root causes in our work to promote health equity and end domestic violence. We have carefully honed our strategies to focus on the following three areas:

From our newsroom

From our newsrooom

This April, we’re honoring care workers in our lives as part of Care Workers Recognition Month.

With $5.2 million in grants, Blue Shield of California Foundation's partners will help advance health equity and prevent domestic violence in communities across California.

Celebrating Black resilience, arts, and history

One in five women who become homeless in California flee their homes to escape violence and escalating abuse by an intimate partner, a new analysis of a statewide survey has reported.

Research indicates that an estimated 20 percent of health outcomes are linked to medical care; the remaining 80 percent stem from socioeconomic, environmental, and behavioral factors referred to as social drivers of health (DOH). These factors — such as homelessness, food insecurity, and exposure to intimate partner violence — are associated with chronic illness, mental health issues, acute hospitalizations, and high health care costs and disproportionately impact communities of color.


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What we're learning from our grantees, staff, and partners

Headshot of Jhumpa Bhattacharya the co-founder of Maven Collaborative

How the history of care work impacts today’s narrative

Learn how The Maven Collaborative is working to create gender and racial equity via research, advocacy, and narrative change.

A view of the All In For Kids roundtable conference room

Leaders unite to share community-driven solutions for children and families

Reflections on recent funding opportunities, policy successes, and innovations that address and prevent childhood trauma in California.

A portrait of poet Natalie Patterson

A conversation with poet Natalie Patterson

Natalie Patterson, a poet and leader with BEAM (Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective), talks with Blue Shield of California Foundation about her work.