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Over the last two years, Blue Shield of California Foundation, in partnership with the FORESIGHT initiative and the Institute for the Future, has supported dozens of conversations with low-income Californians focused on the future of health and family life. People told us plainly that what will make them healthy in the future is deeply connected to escaping their day-to-day struggle for survival and achieving a sense of belonging in their communities, both socially and economically. Hope for the future involves being able to provide for their families and spend time with their children.

Building on the state’s comprehensive actions to support diverse communities disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, Governor Gavin Newsom announced $81.8 million in additional commitments from private and philanthropic partners to provide resources and services for individuals needing to isolate or quarantine. Blue Shield of California Foundation is proud to partner with the Office of the Governor on these efforts. 

Relationship violence threatens not only students’ physical safety and emotional well-being, but also their academic prospects. Some campuses are finding solutions to help keep survivors in school.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, incarcerated individuals in California’s 35 state prisons faced poor mental health care. The situation is especially dire for the rapidly increasing number of female prisoners, who make up 4 percent of the state’s incarcerated population but 11 percent of suicides, according to 2016 figures

Grantee Highlights

The restrictions the coronavirus pandemic has forced upon us have been difficult. But for some, those restrictions can prove be life-threatening. The phrase “stay home, stay safe” can be tragically ironic for people living in abusive households.

Cultiva la salud

This commentary by the executive director of our grantee, Cultiva La Salud, illuminates the risks that come along with sheltering in place for many undocumented victims of domestic violence.