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"The All In For Kids Fund will support Bay Area families that currently navigate fragmented systems, missing critical opportunities for healing and prevention. To break the cycle of domestic violence we must reduce childhood exposure to violence in the home," said Debbie Chang, President and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Shield of California Foundation. "The project will bring together the experiences of families, with a focus on racial equity, to prevent domestic violence and childhood adversity. By strengthening and supporting the systems that care for children, we can have a positive impact today, and lay the groundwork for a future without domestic violence and childhood trauma."

Effort Aims to Prevent Childhood Trauma, Break the Cycle of Domestic Violence and Promote Healing During COVID-19 and beyond. Genentech, Blue Shield of California Foundation Team with Futures Without Violence to Support Community-Led Approaches to Protect Children, Support Communities. 

To build a truly equitable state, CA FWD and its wide array of partners understand the need to hold policy and decision makers, as well as each other accountable for progress. On Dec. 3, CA FWD CEO Micah Weinberg and Debbie Chang, president and CEO, Blue Shield of California Foundation unveiled the California Dream Index, a tool that tracks and measures 10 key indicators of economic mobility, security and inclusion. With equity built into the index, the data can be analyzed by race and ethnicity, region, and county as well as income and educational attainment.

For more than three years, California Forward (CA FWD) and its many partners have worked on a ground-breaking project to bring accountability and measurement to the progress the state is making in providing opportunity for all. CA FWD developed the California Dream Index in order to help more residents and families claim their California Dream and to help public and private decision-makers develop data-informed policy decisions that also keep us accountable for progress.

The California Dream Index, launched Dec. 3 by nonprofit California Forward at its annual California Economic Summit, aims to track the state’s fight against economic inequity. The index will better inform policymakers and community leaders on whether their actions are making a difference.

“The threat of homelessness is a significant reason for why [domestic violence] survivors stay in abusive relationships,” says an August 2020 Blue Shield of California Foundation (BSCF) newsletter. Domestic violence prevention is a BSCF funding priority. In 2019 it “funded a statewide evaluation” of nineteen of the thirty-three groups (in California) that implemented the federally funded Domestic Violence Housing First program’s model, which “prioritizes housing stability as the first step toward empowering survivors and their families to regain control of their lives and begin healing.” 

Thirteen major philanthropic foundations have pooled resources to launch Together Toward Health, which will connect with community based organizations to expand workforce development opportunities for Californians most impacted by COVID-19, and create and amplify public outreach efforts to reduce its spread.

The fast pace of current events, dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic, and uncertainty about the upcoming November 2020 election, and the high stakes for health, equity, and economic recovery are dominating our waking hours and keeping us up at night. The stress is real. And, the impact is not evenly distributed. The pandemic is exploiting and worsening existing inequities, by taking lives and livelihoods. It presents a challenge, a responsibility, and an opportunity.

This is a moment to seize the potential of focusing on child care workers as a linchpin for broader health and economic benefits.

Complexuncertain and volatile. These words only begin to describe our world today. The pandemic flipped lives upside down, compromising the physical health of over six million people—disproportionately Black, Indigenous and People of Color—and the mental and emotional health of countless more. The urgent calls for racial justice require all of us reflect on our core values and identify ways we can help dismantle systemic racism.

Grantee Highlights

The restrictions the coronavirus pandemic has forced upon us have been difficult. But for some, those restrictions can prove be life-threatening. The phrase “stay home, stay safe” can be tragically ironic for people living in abusive households.

Cultiva la salud

This commentary by the executive director of our grantee, Cultiva La Salud, illuminates the risks that come along with sheltering in place for many undocumented victims of domestic violence.