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This April, we’re honoring care workers in our lives as part of Care Workers Recognition Month.

Celebrating Black resilience, arts, and history

Our grantees' work to end domestic violence is echoed in first-ever national plan to end gender-based violence.

Domestic violence and homelessness are both complex issues, and we need long-term, system-wide change to address them.

Spotlighting the impact of collaboratives we support as they bring those with lived experience of violence and trauma to the center of the dialogue.

Strategies to achieve health equity and end domestic violence come to life on screen.

Lessons along the way to ending domestic violence and achieving health equity.

Policy shifts help achieve health equity and end domestic violence.

Domestic violence is healable and preventable, and our new resource at highlights the visionary work that community and field leaders are taking on to end it.

Reflections on our shifts in strategy, processes, and people.


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