Defending a Diverse California

Our commitment to improving the wellbeing of those who struggle most includes grantmaking and support for immigrant communities across the state. Some of this work includes:


Funding to promote Latina leadership & strengthen local networks to address domestic violence:

Mujeres Unidas Activas - leads culturally-focused programs and services for Latina survivors of domestic violence. 

East Los Angeles Womens Center - trains local "promotoras" to reach and support other survivors and trains and collaborates with healthcare providers in Los Angeles to create additional access points for domestic violence services.


Funding for regional and statewide advocacy efforts:

Immigrant Legal Resource Center - engages Latina immigrant women around the issue of domestic violence and brings together a cross-sector network of social service providers to coordinate efforts to address domestic violence.

California Partnership to End Domestic Violence - actively advocates for federal policies to more effectively meet the needs of immigrant survivors. 

Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence - leads a victim services program specifically for immigrant women and advocates for federal policies that support immigrant survivors.


Funding for networks that expand coverage & access to healthcare for immigrant populations:

California Immigrant Policy Center - brings together 9 coalitions focused on advocacy, community outreach, and education to protect Medi-Cal coverage for undocumented children and lawfully-present immigrants, including DACA recipients.  

The California Pan-Ethnic Health Network - connects 30 grassroots advocacy and immigrant rights organizations in diverse communities to expand access to health care and coverage.

Immigrant Legal Resource Center - expands and protects immigrant access to Medi-Cal through legal defense, policy, and advocacy work as well as training for organizations assisting community members with Medi-Cal eligibility.


Funding for outreach and enrollment of undocumented children in California:

The Children’s Partnership - leads the “Let’s Talk. Protecting Your Right to Health Care” campaign to reach and educate immigrant communities on their rights to health and social services.  

California Coverage and Health Initiatives - in partnership with The Children’s Partnership and California Community Foundation, advances policies that support the health and wellbeing of immigrant children. 


Funding to address the health impacts of immigration policy on children:

The California Immigrant Policy Center & The Children’s Partnership - supports new research on the mental health impacts of immigration policy on immigrant children and better understand its longer term impacts in terms of trauma and resilience.