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We believe in creative thinking to find solutions to our state’s most challenging issues. We see our grantees as true partners and support the full spectrum of solutions — from tried and true methods to new and innovative thinking that will end domestic violence and ensure well-being for all Californians. Learn more about our recent grantees.

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Grantee Year Grant Amount Region
Grantmakers for Effective Organizations 2018 $75,000 National
Southern California Grantmakers 2018 $75,000 Los Angeles
Public Health Institute 2018 $100,056 Statewide
Community Partners 2018 $110,000 Los Angeles
Growth Philanthropy Network 2018 $125,000 National
East Bay Community Foundation 2018 $130,000 Statewide
Rainbow Services, Ltd. 2018 $130,000 Los Angeles
California Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems 2018 $150,000 Statewide
Community Partners 2018 $150,000 San Francisco Bay Area
JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. 2018 $199,543 Statewide
Korean American Family Services, Inc. (KFAM) 2018 $200,000 Los Angeles
NALEO Educational Fund 2018 $200,000 Statewide
Prevention Institute 2018 $201,337 Statewide
Charitable Ventures of Orange County 2018 $215,000 South
Public Health Institute 2018 $300,000 Statewide
Nonprofit Finance Fund 2018 $300,000 Statewide
California Primary Care Association 2018 $300,000 Statewide
Institute for the Future 2018 $346,638 Statewide
Insure the Uninsured Project 2018 $350,000 Statewide
The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation 2018 $350,000 National