March 2019 Grant Announcement: Forward Together

We are proud to announce that on March 18, 2019, Blue Shield of California Foundation’s Board of Trustees approved a set of forward-looking grants that will create new possibilities for Californians for years to come.

We are investing $1 million in the BUILD Health Challenge, an innovative funding collaborative, which, over the next 40 months, will use this support to help community partnerships reduce the health disparities caused by systemic and social inequities. These partnerships will explore early opportunities to improve community health by addressing the social determinants of health, like education, safety, housing, and employment, which contribute to 80 percent of a person’s health. We are supporting two collaborative projects in California that will extend over two years, and we strongly encourage you to learn more about the BUILD Health Challenge and apply for funding. The deadline is April 5, 2019.

We are supporting a more expansive and just future for Californians, one that promotes positive gender norms as a means of ending gender-based violence. To advance this vision, we, as a founding funding partner, are providing $2.5 million in support to the newly-formed California Gender Justice Funder Collaborative, led by the Women’s Foundation of California. This collaborative will invest in a powerful culture change strategy—using clear narratives within the contexts of race, power, identity and class—to help all Californians achieve our full potential and lead our healthiest lives. 

Research on the life course of domestic violence has found that California’s court-mandated batterer intervention programs, which have remained largely unchanged since the mid-1990s, result in recidivism rates that range from 40 to 80 percent. We are supporting a pilot project by the California State Association of Counties to test alternative programs using evidence-based practices in six counties. These programs will help break the cycle of violence and reduce the state’s domestic violence rate.

Additional funding will support health journalism, the promotion of ideas and dialogue to foster healthy communities, and collaborative ventures to improve the health and wellness of communities, along with the economic mobility of people and the strength of neighborhoods.

Together, these grants help us achieve our bold goal to make California the healthiest state in the nation with the lowest rate domestic violence.

Click here to view a full list of grantees.