March 2019 Q1 Grantees

California Gender Justice Collaborative ($2,500,000)

Women's Foundation of California

This project will launch the first-ever funding collaborative designed to advance gender justice in California. This collaborative is a catalytic step toward upstream prevention to break the cycle of violence for future generations by influencing the environment to create behavior and systems changes to reduce gender-based violence. It also engages new funders in gender-based violence that historically have not been engaged on the issue. This culture change approach is already informing work across the Foundation and will weave lessons and story narratives to strengthen efforts about addressing issues of identity, diversity, and inclusion, Courage Museum, immigration response, and movement building efforts. This change strategy introduces a new approach for driving prevention by marrying policy change with new narratives and story platforms to influence culture as a critical lever for positive gender norms change.

Bold Vision 2028 ($125,000)

California Community Foundation

Bold Vision 2028 is a 10-year, multi-funder initiative that will significantly expand economic vitality and shared prosperity for Los Angeles County residents, with a focus on collaborating across sectors to improve the systems that influence the life course for vulnerable youth of color. Los Angeles County is poised to make significant, measurable progress over the next decade due to strong civic leadership and political will, high levels of collaboration and activity across sectors and with different players, new dedicated funding sources to address challenging issues like homelessness, and strong organizations driving collaborative models such as the Center for Strategic Public Private Partnerships. 

BUILD Health Challenge ($1,000,000)

de Beaumont Foundation

The BUILD Health Challenge consists of multi-sector collaborations focused on upstream health
approaches that strengthen the pipeline of collaborations prepared to change the systems that drive poor health and domestic violence in California. With this project, BUILD will support a new cohort of innovative collaboratives that will catalyze sustainable improvements in community health. These collaboratives will include a community-based organization, health system, and public health department working together to address upstream challenges.

The Funders Forum on Accountable Health-Advancing Accountable Communities for Health Models ($150,000)

George Washington University

This project supports the Funders Forum on Accountable Health to work to advance accountable communities for health models by promoting dialogue and catalyzing change among public and private funders of accountable communities for health efforts across the country.

Publication of Health Policy Research ($350,000)

Project HOPE- The People-to-People Health Foundation, Inc. 

This grant supports research and analyses that produces publications that educate policymakers, government officials, researchers, and leaders in health in California and across the nation on efforts to improve health and end violence. 

2019 Speaker Series ($50,000)

Commonwealth Club

This grant supports the development of public programs that address issues that affect the health and well-being of California communities. 

Testing Interventions to Reduce Recidivism in Domestic Violence ($100,000)

California State Association of Counties

This grant will support a six-county pilot project to test innovative strategies for preventing recidivism in cases of domestic violence.