100,000 Lives Campaign: California Statements of Support & Media Contacts

SAN FRANCISCO, June 14, 2006 – In California, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI’s) 100,000 Lives Campaign is supported by a number of healthcare organizations and foundations, including the American Heart Association, American Nurses Association – California, Association of California Nurse Leaders, Bay Area Patient Safety Collaborative, Blue Shield of California Foundation, California Hospital Association, California Institute for Health Systems Performance, California Medical Association, Californians for Patient Care, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Hospital Council of Northern and Central California, Kaiser Permanente, Lumetra (Medicare’s Quality Improvement Organization for California), and VHA West Coast. 

Listed in alphabetical order

Association of California Nurse Leaders (www.acnl.org)
Media Contact: Patricia McFarland, MS, RN, (916) 552-7529, patricia@acnl.org
"The 100,000 Lives Campaign provides synergy for change. Association of California Nurse Leaders (ACNL) members are proud to be actively involved in this dynamic process. Nurse Leaders throughout California are committed to implementing these best practices that have been proven to save lives."
– Patricia Lenihan McFarland, MS, RN, CEO
Bay Area Patient Safety Collaborative
Media Contact: Bruce Spurlock, M.D., (916) 772-6090, bspurlock@convergencehealth.net
"It's amazing what can be accomplished when hospitals work together toward a worthy goal. The Bay Area Patient Safety Collaborative was formed one year ago to support the sharing of ideas and practices among nurses, therapists, physicians, and other hospital staff working at different hospitals to improve safety and save lives. The participation and progress by area hospitals in the collaborative is proof that collectively we can make a difference. We're thrilled to be part of such a successful program as the 100,000 Lives Campaign."
– Bruce Spurlock, MD, Clinical Facilitator
Blue Shield of California Foundation (www.blueshieldcafoundation.org)
Media Contact: Lisa Payne-Simon, Lisa.Payne-Simon@blueshieldcafoundation.org
"We at the Blue Shield of California Foundation are dedicated to improving health outcomes for those who must have hospital care. We are excited to be working with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and with our California partners in the 100,000 Lives Campaign to create lasting, effective, positive change in our health care system."
– Crystal Hayling, President and CEO
California Hospital Association (www.calhealth.org)
Media Contact: Jan Emerson, (916) 552-7516, jemerson@calhealth.org
"California's hospitals are on the front lines of delivering high quality patient care to millions of sick and injured every year. Hospitals large and small across the state have joined together in the 100,000 Lives Campaign because the common-sense best practices endorsed by the initiative are proving to save lives – and that's the fundamental mission of all health care providers. The 100,000 Lives Campaign works."
– Debby Rogers, RN, MS, Vice President, Quality and Emergency Services
California Institute for Health Systems Performance (www.cihsp.org)
Media Contact: Marsha Nelson, MBA, RN, (916) 552-7642, mnelson@cihsp.org
"The IHI's 100,000 Lives Campaign has energized hospitals around a common goal and given them a framework for improvement. It's exciting to see hospitals working collaboratively to improve care to patients. We are continuing our efforts to accelerate change in public, district, and rural hospitals."
– Marsha Nelson, MBA, RN, President & CEO
California Medical Association (www.cmanet.org)
Media Contact: Karen Nikos, (916) 551-2069, knikos@cmanet.org
"California physicians are enthusiastic supporters of quality programs that save lives and improve health care delivery. Through CMA physicians, who practice in every hospital across the state, we are urging 100 percent support for the 100,000 Lives Campaign."
– Michael Sexton, M.D., President
Californians for Patient Care (www.calpatientcare.org)
Media Contact: Bob Gore, (916) 444-5255, bgore@calpatientcare.org
"Patients and healthcare professionals are working together through IHI's 100,000 Lives Campaign to save 100,000 lives and to keep on saving lives. This campaign is for all of us, because we are all patients – past, present, and future. Quality care begins with patient safety."
– Kristine Yahn, RN, MBA, Executive Director
Hospital Council of Northern and Central California (www.hcncc.org)
Media Contact: Sue Bartlett, RN, MBA, (925) 746-1551, sbartlett@hcncc.org
"The 100K Lives Campaign is perfectly aligned with one of the Hospital Council's major goals – to help our member hospitals implement and operationalize patient safety through education, collaboration, and peer to peer networking. We are proud to be both a sponsor and coordinator for the Bay Area Patient Safety Collaborative. The enthusiasm and collaboration among participants has been personally rewarding."
– Art Sponsellor, President and CEO
Kaiser Permanente (www.kp.org)
Media Contact: Alexandra Matisoff-Li, (510) 271-5624
Lumetra (www.lumetra.com)
Media Contact: Melissa Swanson, (415) 677-2196, mswanson@lumetra.com
"As Medicare's Quality Improvement Organization for California, Lumetra is proud to participate in the IHI's groundbreaking initiative which aligns with our organization's goal to ensure that every person gets the right care, every time."

– Jo Ellen H. Ross, President & CEO