What will it take to move all Californians forward?

Communities and homes free from violence. Better health and well-being for more people. Engaged and empowered communities with the skills and will to access opportunity and support one another. What if this vision for California was possible? At Blue Shield of California Foundation, we believe it is.

Thinking bigger, reaching further

Every day, we’re working to address the root causes of domestic violence, poor health, and inequity in our communities by partnering with those who face the greatest obstacles, and have the least support, to build lasting, equitable solutions.

Our state is made up of millions of people and thousands of communities, each facing a unique set of challenges. Its these diverse communities who understand their needs best, and who can help advance policies and approaches to bring about meaningful change.

Working to make California the healthiest state, and end domestic violence, Blue Shield of California Foundation is launching three new initiatives in support of our strategic direction:


Our work focuses on:

Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence

Violence is cyclical, generational, and can be experienced and felt over a lifetime. We are working to stop domestic violence before it starts so that people experiencing or witnessing it can reach their full potential. 

Collaborating for Healthy Communities

We're working to expand breakthrough collaborative models that support community health and end domestic violence.

Designing the Future of Health

How can communities create long-term solutions for health? How do we make sure solutions are equitable and responsive? Together with our partners and communities, we are diving in to do what it takes to create a vibrant health ecosystem for all.


We’re thinking big about how to support these goals in ways that will bring about bold solutions to California’s toughest challenges. Because when we work together to improve the lives of those who struggle the most, we can create a California full of possibility and opportunity for all.