We work toward a future of equity, health, and prosperity for all Californians.


Grantee Announcement

June 2022:

Empowering Californians with nearly $10 million in grants that will support more than 32 organizations working on the ground in California to advance health equity and end domestic violence.

“We are so excited and fortunate to partner with diverse organizations across California in our work. Each of these 32 grants represents a pathway toward ending domestic violence and achieving health equity for communities of color with low incomes.”

— Debbie I. Chang, MPH, Foundation President & CEO
Our Mission
Integrity - Partnership - Possibility - Equity - Dignity

Our Mission

Blue Shield of California Foundation supports lasting and equitable solutions to make California the healthiest state and to end domestic violence.

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What We Do
80% of health outcomes are not tied to health care

What We Do

Well-being for California communities

80% of health outcomes are not tied to health care—which is why we target root causes in our work to promote health equity and end domestic violence. We have carefully honed our strategies to focus on the following three areas:

We are implementing a refined strategic framework and measurement model that build on our existing efforts.

From our newsroom

From our newsrooom

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed long-standing racial and economic injustices embedded in our health care system. This has led to a renewed commitment to improve health equity and address the drivers of health (DoH) that account for 80 percent of health outcomes and have a disproportionate impact on communities of color. These include stable, affordable housing; healthy food; reliable income; and interpersonal safety, among others.


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