Fostering multisector collaboratives for domestic violence prevention

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In 2018, two groundbreaking initiatives were launched to form multisector collaboratives dedicated to domestic violence prevention, integrating diverse sectors into a cohesive collaborative framework.

The current cohort, Safety & Healing in Networks of Equity, known as SHINE, embodies this mission, consisting of five collaborative partnerships across California. SHINE brings together various sectors — such as health care, social services, and community organizations — to address domestic violence comprehensively. By fostering collaboration and leveraging the unique strengths of each sector, SHINE aims to create safer, more supportive communities and drive systemic change in domestic violence prevention and response.

Safety & Healing in Networks of Equity (SHINE)

Past cohorts

Between 2018 and 2023, Blue Shield of California Foundation supported two distinct cohorts of multisector collaboratives dedicated to domestic violence prevention housed within Prevention Institute. These cohorts, known as the Learning Collaborative on Domestic Violence (LCDV) and Strengthening the Collaborative (STC), aimed to address and mitigate domestic violence through diverse and innovative community-driven approaches.

To capture the impact and progress of these collaboratives over this six-year period, Strategic Prevention Solutions, our evaluation partner, produced profiles of six sites, three from each cohort. These profiles offer an in-depth look at each collaborative's composition, structure, community engagement activities, and accomplishments, highlighting the diversity in their approaches and partnerships in domestic violence prevention. The goal in developing the collaboratives was to move beyond isolated efforts and build a cohesive network capable of comprehensively and effectively addressing the root causes and systemic issues contributing to domestic violence. Click on each site below to learn more.

Read the Collaboratives Summary Brief

Learning Collaborative on Domestic Violence (LCDV)

Safety Through Connection (STC)