Adriane Lamar Snider

CEO, Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center

Portrait of Adriane Lamar Snider

Adriane Lamar Snider is CEO of the Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center (RARCC). Ms. Lamar Snider joined RARCC in 2018 to revitalize and modernize the agency after a 20-year career in leadership positions in various social services organizations. Since joining RARCC, Ms. Lamar Snider has updated the organizational capabilities of the agency and restructured staffing, and continues to refine the agency’s relationship with its community partners. As the organization’s top leader, she provides direction to the program and operational quality for the families they serve, while expanding community awareness and involvement to further the prevention of violence against women and their families. Moreover, she has worked to amend the mission and rededicating operations to emphasize cultural sensitivity.

She is the former executive director of the Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center and spent 14 years as chief operating officer of the Jenesse Center in Los Angeles, which provides crisis intervention and safe shelter for victims and survivors of domestic violence and their families. Ms. Lamar Snider has served as an advisory council member for the South Central Training Consortium, a rotating group of graduate-level interns who provide direct services to community-based agencies. She has served on various community initiatives such as the Los Angeles Domestic Violence Task Force, the Los Angeles Domestic Violence Council, and the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence. Always an advocate for Black women’s health, she is dedicated to providing vital health and social service resources and information to women and other un-served and under-resourced communities.

Throughout her career, Ms. Lamar Snider has worked to advance social justice and economic empowerment by working with individuals and families to enhance family stability. Ms. Lamar Snider is a servant leader who has been a passionate and dedicated advocate for families, women, and girls.

Ms. Lamar Snider holds a Master of Science in leadership science and management from the University of La Verne, a Bachelor of Science in organizational leadership and development from Biola University, and an honorary doctorate from Union Institute and University. Adriane and her wonderful husband, Robert, are empty nesters and live in Riverside. Her heart’s joy is her daughter, Eva, a pre-med major, and in her third year of college.