Grantee Stories

Our grantees are leading the way in delivering quality healthcare and domestic violence services for those most in need. Their stories prove that working together, we can reach our goal of health and safety for all Californians.

Sacramento Native American Health Center Inc.

The Sacramento Native American Health Center Inc. (SNAHC) is a Federally Qualified Health Center serving Sacramento. SNAHC aims to address the comprehensive needs of the community—from primary care to behavioral health care, substance abuse programs, domestic violence support groups, and more. The... Read more »

Merced County Collaborative

In Merced County, a collaborative effort among primary care, emergency department, and mental health providers is improving care transitions and reducing ER visits for patients in need of behavioral health and substance-use services. Read more »

UC Davis Train New Trainers (TNT) Primary Care Psychiatry (PCP) Fellowship

It’s perhaps a bit of a myth that California has one, overarching “healthcare safety net” that serves our low-income and uninsured residents. In reality, what we have is a combination of several healthcare safety nets: one for primary care, one for mental health care, and one for substance-use... Read more »


Maitri is a domestic violence (DV) agency in the Bay Area that primarily helps women and families from South Asia. Many of Maitri’s clients are immigrants dealing with emotional and physical abuse, cultural alienation, or human trafficking. Survivors in isolated communities can be limited by... Read more »

Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence

Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence is a domestic violence (DV) agency located in San Jose that serves women, men, children, and families throughout all of Santa Clara County. The agency offers comprehensive DV services ranging from crisis intervention and temporary housing to training... Read more »

Crossing Boundaries to Support Veterans and Military Families

Our nation’s veterans require and desire a multitude of supports, ranging from help with receiving the right medication to finding employment. And they rely upon a number of institutions for that help – government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and philanthropic groups to name a few. The... Read more »

From Active Duty to Civilian Life: Easing the Transition

Imagine being a military veteran who has spent the better part of the last decade in Iraq and Afghanistan. And suddenly, the world you have known completely changes. Your service has just ended, and you are heading home to re-enter civilian life. You have just stepped off the plane at Los Angeles... Read more »

Beyond the Uniform: San Diego Program Helps Veterans Adjust to Life After the Military

Tom Williams’ five-year naval career took him around the world -- from Djibouti, Horn of Africa to Aqaba, Jordan. After conducting funeral services for veterans at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C. with the Navy Ceremonial Guard during his first three years of service, Williams studied... Read more »

Providing Our Veterans Strength at Home

Lee* served in the U.S. Air Force Security Forces for 18 years with stints in Iraq and Afghanistan. During that time, he lived and survived through dangerous combat conditions. He persevered in a world where most civilians would have failed. Yet, nothing in his military training prepared him for... Read more »

Mujeres Unidas y Activas

“I love this program because it didn’t just help me. It helped my daughters (and) my family… now, I have a job, a home, and my daughters are in a healthy environment.” These are the words of Ana Hernandez, a Latina immigrant from Mexico and a survivor of domestic violence. She and her daughters... Read more »

Center for Community Solutions & Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest

There are many challenges in providing necessary services to individuals affected by domestic violence (DV). For health care providers, one of the most difficult is simply identifying which patients are experiencing DV. While many clinics and providers ask about DV, patients can be hesitant or... Read more »

Jenesse Center

Jenesse Center, a longstanding Foundation grantee, is taking a holistic approach to domestic violence intervention and prevention. Not just a shelter, Jenesse provides survivors with a way out, and a way forward. The staff at Jenesse is dedicated — and that is an understatement. When asked what... Read more »

Absent fact, people speculate...

In my early twenties, I gave 5 years of my life to domestic violence. I say “gave” because, as an adult, I made choices that placed me in a dangerous situation. At the time, I stayed silent. And absent fact, people speculate. In my case, those around me did not know what was really going on in my... Read more »

The Saban Free Clinic

Community clinics throughout California are feeling the pressure of the economic and budget crisis. Funding cuts are straining services, while the number of uninsured needing care is increasing. The Saban Free Clinic shares these hardships, and is facing these challenges with continued commitment... Read more »

Rainbow Services

Providing a safe place for survivors of domestic violence to heal and regain hope is the mission of Blue Shield Against Violence grantee, Rainbow Services . By providing women and children with emergency and transitional housing, counseling, and life-skills training, Rainbow Services is working to... Read more »

Valley Health Team

Valley Health Team (VHT) operates three health centers that serve over 40,000 patients per year in San Joaquin, Kerman and other surrounding communities of rural west Fresno County. With recent approval to open a new school-based health center, VHT continues to expand services and reach to the... Read more »

St. John’s Well Child and Family Center

Immigrants with limited English language proficiency often face significant barriers to accessing information and services. When a crisis such as domestic violence (DV) occurs within an immigrant family, these barriers can mean isolation for DV survivors who may not know where to turn. A new pilot... Read more »

Women’s Center Youth and Family Services

Since 2010, Blue Shield of California Foundation’s Strong Field Project (SFP) has awarded grants to domestic violence service providers to build the capacity of their organizations and strengthen the entire field. SFP grantee, Women’s Center Youth and Family Services (Women’s Center – YFS), used... Read more »

Women’s Foundation of California

State hearings are not for the faint of heart. It takes strong, empowered advocates to push for policy change. Luckily, there is a group of women leaders in California with the skills and confidence to rise to the challenge – The Women’s Policy Institute fellows. This year, we had the opportunity... Read more »

Riverside County Health System

Expanding access to healthcare for the underserved — while also improving patient satisfaction and reducing costs — definitely requires some “thinking outside of the box.” That’s exactly what Riverside County Health System is doing, with support from longtime Foundation partner the Center for Care... Read more »

Women Organized to Make Abuse Nonexistent (WOMAN Inc.)

Domestic violence (DV) service providers across the country have been hit hard in recent years by a devastating recession and a slow economic recovery. Funding for DV programs has steadily declined, while demand for DV services has continued to increase. In response, many of California’s DV... Read more »