Coming Together and Forging Ahead

Peter Long, Ph.D.

During a time in which there seems to be a dearth of good news, we have some to share: Californians are working together — and perhaps more diligently and creatively than ever — to support the most vulnerable people around us and uphold the values that unite us. 

The Foundation continues to fund a variety of projects and organizations that are improving the wellbeing of our communities through their efforts to end domestic violence and advance equity. Promising projects that have been previously seeded are coming to fruition and further reinforcing the power of collaboration and innovation. For example:

  • In Santa Clara County, a task force of civic leaders has come together to create a new, comprehensive plan for the intervention and prevention of intimate partner violence. The plan’s development engaged a variety of community stakeholders and involved learning from and listening to survivors of domestic violence. This task force is evidence that by working together, we can create a more effective system to stop violence before it starts and help those affected by it. 

  • The Hope and Heal Fund is finding new ways to address the root causes of gun violence and domestic abuse. It strives to create meaningful change in California through research, advocacy, and funds for community-level programs. Their work examines the impact of community violence, suicide, domestic violence, and the many socioeconomic factors that fuel and perpetuate gun violence.  

  • The Full Frame Initiative is investigating the multiple drivers of adversity and marginalization and gathering principles and practices from organizations that have been highly effective in addressing the needs of people experiencing challenges like homelessness, addiction, abuse, and mental illness. This information will be used to develop comprehensive solutions to prevent domestic violence and enhance the wellbeing of those who struggle most.

Here in California, we must not forget all of the progress that has been made nor lose sight of the outcomes that are still possible. I’m heartened to know that organizations and advocates are doing incredible work across our state. It is a testament to the strength and enduring spirit of Californians. We are proud to support them, continue to be inspired by them, and are determined to push forward alongside them. 

In partnership,

Peter Long, PhD
President & CEO, Blue Shield of California Foundation

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