Reimagine Lab Final Report

Reimagine Lab Learning Report

May, 2019

Reimagine Lab was a six-month design lab for 16 fellows passionate about preventing cycles of family and domestic...

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A Pathway to Prevention: Understanding root causes to help break the cycle of domestic violence

Recently, I was in Oakland’s Chinatown neighborhood when I heard a couple fighting across the street from me. As I looked...

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Promoting Health Advocacy in Domestic Violence Programs

September, 2018

Promoting Health Advocacy in Domestic Violence Programs: this brief outlines the value and importance of health advocacy...

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Integrating Community Level Intimate Partner Violence Prevention in Community Health Assessments and Community Health Improvement Plans

September, 2018

Integrating Community Level Intimate Partner Violence Prevention in Health Assessments and Community Health Improvement...

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Exploring the Value of Prevention: Request for Proposal Resources

June, 2018

The application period for this funding opportunity has closed. To stay informed about future funding opportunities,...

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Webinar - Further Forward: Our New Strategy for Impact

May, 2018

Blue Shield of California Foundation recently launched a new strategic plan aimed at transforming the health and well-...

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DVHCP Evaluation Summary

January, 2018

Key Findings and Lessons Learned from the DomesticViolence and Health Care Partnership Project. 

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Developing a Trauma- and Resilience-Focused Accountable Community for Health

May, 2017

There is increasing awareness of the interplay between an individual’s socioeconomic and environmental circumstances and...

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Disrupting the Pathway - A Prevention Approach to Medical High Utilization

October, 2016

This paper explores a prevention-based methodology for disrupting the pathways that lead many patients to over-utilize...

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The Impact of Domestic Violence on our Healthcare System

September, 2016

This infographic illuminates the cost and detrimental effects of domestic violence on our healthcare system and its...

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