Transforming Health Care for the Underserved

May, 2015

Through our Health Care and Coverage program, we're working to make high-quality, innovative, patient-centered care...

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Delivering on a Promise (Powerpoint)

February, 2015

Download this PowerPoint presentation in PDF format.

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Engaging California Patients in Major Medical Decisions

March, 2014

One of the best opportunities to enhance patients’ involvement at a critical stage of their healthcare experience is when...

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Mission Possible: Launching the San Joaquin Community Health Information Exchange

August, 2013

With the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act fast approaching, providers are getting ready by making changes...

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Results of Statewide Poll on Domestic Violence

October, 2013

This statewide survey helps us better  understand  public opinions about domestic  violence and its connection to health...

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Maintaining Clinic Financial Stability: Navigating Change, Leveraging Opportunities

June, 2013

This primer describes the current funding environment and factors that are shaping the future of California’s community...

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After Millions of Californians Gain Health Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act, Who Will Remain Uninsured?

September, 2012

This report, prepared by the the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education and the UCLA Center for Health...

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Evaluation of the San Mateo County Adult Coverage and System Redesign Initiative

November, 2011

This report provides results from a three-year evaluation—by the Urban Institute and the University of California at San...

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Building a Consumer-Driven Eligibility, Enrollment, and Renewal System

January, 2012

The decisions being made today to implement the ACA will have a greater impact on consumers’ access to health coverage...

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Moving Over or Moving On: Next Career Steps for Health Clinic CEOs

October, 2011

This paper, prepared by Compasspoint Nonprofit Services,  considers why community health clinics need to both bring in...

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