Defending the Dream

Peter Long, Ph.D.

The Trump Administration's decision this week to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) is an inhumane act that impacts all of us and stymies our progress as a society — particularly here in California, which is home to 25 percent of those who would be affected. Our state is where people from many different backgrounds and cultures find hope and make their homes. Dreamers add to the richness of our communities, contribute to our economy, and deserve the right to reach their fullest potential.

As a Foundation, we believe in the values of equity and dignity. Regardless of their country of origin, all people should be treated with respect and have access to the support, health care, and opportunities that allow them to thrive. This is especially true for the young adults who came to this country through no choice of their own — children of immigrant families who were brought here for a better life and now live in a state of uncertainty and fear.
As part of our mission and vision for the future of California, we have invested in local immigrant leaders and in the innovative solutions and organizations that uplift our communities. Alongside many partners and grantees, Blue Shield of California Foundation continues to support the wellbeing of all in pursuit of their dreams.
DACA may stop. But Californians will not.
In solidarity,

Peter Long, PhD
President & CEO
Blue Shield of California Foundation

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