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Peter Long, Ph.D.

Periodically, it is important to review the fundamentals of our work to ensure that we remain true to our mission. This includes answering the “what,” “how,” and “why” of our ongoing efforts to improve access to high quality, affordable health care for the underserved and end domestic violence in California.

Why do we choose to do this work?

The Foundation aims to address prevailing inequities and entrenched social problems for the same reason as our partners and grantees – we believe in a future in which all Californians can be healthy and safe. Despite the complexities and challenges of this work, our collective progress to date gives me confidence. If we can maintain our shared vision, coupled with continued collaboration and unyielding perseverance, no goal is beyond our reach.

What do we do?

I often tell staff that while our primary tool is grantmaking, the work of our Foundation is ultimately about ideas and relationships. Though we provide grant funding for projects and programs, support new research, convene partners, and engage in strategic communications, the essence of our work is to promote the most promising ideas that have the power to transform healthcare and domestic violence systems in California. And achieving these ambitious goals requires us to cultivate strong, trusting relationships.

How do we do it?

As an accountable partner to our grantees — as well as to patients, survivors, families, and communities across California — we must ensure that the way we approach our work leads to meaningful impact for the greater good. To help guide us in creating this positive change, the Foundation has identified five organizational priorities for 2015:

  • Promote Greater Adoption of Value-Based Care
  • Enhance Care Integration Across Systems
  • Improve Patient Engagement & Client Experience
  • Build Comprehensive Domestic Violence Systems
  • Reduce the Number of Uninsured in California

All of these priorities will require our grantees to generate innovative solutions and work together in new and different ways. In requesting this of our grantees, we are also committed to doing the same here at the Foundation. To “walk the talk,” we are making an effort to become more connected and integrated internally, and create openness to new approaches and ideas.

As vigilant stewards of our resources, we are committed to this practice of looking critically at our work in order to maintain the trust of our partners and the broader community. Here at the Foundation, our commitment to our mission is unwavering. Despite recent news or continued uncertainty in the world - we remain dedicated to our grantees and to the causes we support. In the year ahead, I look forward to building stronger relationships with each of you and cultivating even bolder ideas as we continue on this incredible journey together.

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