Partnering with Policymakers to Address Domestic Violence

Kimberly Weber

The Domestic Violence Select Committee is made up of California assemblymembers who are dedicated to addressing domestic violence by understanding related “policy issues and seeking long range solutions.” Under the leadership of Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez (D-51), the committee has met to discuss a variety of topics related to domestic violence, including: prevention, family violence and the military, coercive control, and cultural responsiveness, among others.  Committee members represent a diverse group of leaders from across California.  

Recently, Blue Shield of California Foundation had the opportunity to meet with the office of Assemblymember Gomez and thank him for his leadership as the Chair of the select committee. During the visit, we shared photos from a trip we made earlier that week to East Los Angeles Women’s Center, a Blue Shield Against Violence grantee located in Gomez’ home district. The images helped connect the work of our grantees to the work of the committee, as well as to the Chair’s local constituency a powerful connection for us all. 

The Foundation and its partners will continue to work with the Select Committee on Domestic Violence to make strides towards greater awareness and action around this important issue.  Although the current legislative session is coming to an end with elections just around the corner, we look forward to future collaborations and more policy insights from the committee as we work together to end domestic violence in California.

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