Prioritizing Progress

Peter Long, Ph.D.

We’ve begun the third year of implementing our Foundation’s strategic plan, which is designed to transform California’s safety net and domestic violence systems to improve the health and wellbeing of the most vulnerable Californians. As you’ll see in this quarter’s grantmaking, one promising step in that transformation is the expansion of electronic consultation systems that are connecting hundreds of providers in some of our highest-need communities. Based on this and other successes and lessons from the past few years, we’ve focused our priorities on the issues that we believe will enable the most significant returns for people, providers, and communities across the state. To help us achieve our near- and long-term goals, these priorities include:

  • Promoting value-based care and patient engagement in the healthcare safety net.
  • Building survivor-centered systems of support for individuals experiencing domestic violence.
  • Enhancing care integration for healthcare and domestic violence.
  • Developing options that promote access to care for the remaining uninsured.

The heart of this evolving strategy is a driving aspiration to improve lives. We understand that wellbeing does not only occur at the individual level, but also within families and communities. In order to make progress, we must reach beyond the walls of domestic violence organizations and community health centers to develop integrated systems that make health and safety possible for everyone.

To this end, Foundation grantmaking continues to support a range of high-quality services and programs, while also promoting new opportunities to address the needs of the whole person and whole community. This includes funding for trauma-informed strategies, enabling new healthcare options for undocumented immigrants, supporting innovative tools to engage patients and empower survivors of domestic violence, rethinking payment models for primary care, and much more.

We are honored to lead this work with a diverse group of committed partners who share our mission of making California a place in which everyone has what they need to reach their full potential. In our role as changemakers, 2016 has already seen tremendous activity – from partnering with the American Institutes of Research on Triple Aim measurement, to sharing our vision for the future of healthcare at the Insure The Uninsured Project’s annual conference, to exploring the potential of a systemic approach to address domestic violence in Santa Clara County. These are just some of the endeavors that complement nearly $2 million in first-quarter grants to support local communities and organizations throughout the state. As we look to the future, we remain committed to continuing these efforts and to generating even greater impact, together.

To another productive year,


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