We're proud to support the Relief & Resilience Fund to address domestic violence

On May 29, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom announced several actions to support survivors and those at risk of domestic violence, including $5.3M to organizations working to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 and domestic violence and a public-private partnership to raise funds to support domestic violence organizations and strengthen organizations centering on gender in California’s economic recovery plan.

Governor Newsom’s announcement of multiple actions to address domestic violence in California, including support for the Relief and Resilience Fund, is encouraging news for all Californians – particularly those affected by domestic violence. We applaud his leadership in accelerating the work of this fund and the leadership and foresight of Women's Foundation California in creating it. Blue Shield of California Foundation is proud to have catalyzed the fund’s focus on domestic violence with seed funding of $1.45 million that has already been distributed to 130 domestic violence shelters across the state.

As a result of today’s crisis, the threat of family violence is greater than ever. During and beyond this pandemic, the Foundation’s commitment to ending domestic violence in California remains steadfast. As the state’s largest private funder of domestic violence service providers, we understand how vital these frontline organizations are to people, families, and communities experiencing abuse. This Fund helps to ensure that doors remain open and vital services continue to be available to those in need. In addition, its focus on gender equity and economic recovery of women will help to address key drivers of domestic violence that the Foundation continues to prioritize.

This important demonstration of support for survivors of domestic violence – and those at risk – is a sign that our state is not turning away from those who are struggling most. It also shines a light on the strength of the domestic violence field and its critical role in giving survivors and families a way out and a way forward. Shelters, service organizations, and advocates are always essential – even more so in this difficult time. To save and change more lives in the long-term, we must also work in partnership on the complex root causes to not only address domestic violence but also prevent it. Since 2002, Blue Shield of California Foundation has given more than $100M to support survivors, promote healing for those already impacted by violence, and help break the cycle of abuse that perpetuates through generations. Our work started 18 years ago, and it continues today – and beyond – as we pursue lasting prevention strategies. We are thrilled to welcome new partners and allies to this vital effort to make California the healthiest state with the lowest rates of domestic violence.

Read the full press release from the Governor's office. 

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