Community-driven learning: Contributions of multigenerational approaches for the prevention of domestic violence

Date published: August, 2023 (31 pages)

This report is a summary of key findings from a three-year initiative to build evidence for multigenerational, culturally responsive, and trauma-informed practices that effectively support families in breaking the cycle of domestic violence. 

The Breaking the Cycle cohort is one of Blue Shield of California Foundation's key investments, comprised of 12 established community-based organizations funded to evaluate their multigenerational domestic violence prevention approaches. Breaking cycles of domestic violence requires working across generations because it is an issue that impacts adults, children, families, and communities. To prevent childhood exposure to domestic violence, we strengthen support systems for survivors through funding organizations that build resilience and heal across generations.

See the final report and video about the multigenerational work that these organizations are doing to prevent and break the cycle of domestic violence.