Equitable Futures: from Foresight to Insight to Action

Date published: January, 2020 (13 pages)
Foresight into Insight IFTF Report

A more equitable future begins with more equitable participation in imagining the future. To engage people worldwide in imagining equitable futures, Institute for the Future’s Equitable Futures Lab, with support from the Blue Shield of California Foundation, launched its first Equitable Futures Week, April 1–7, 2019. The goal of the week was to introduce an Equitable Futures Toolkit to groups around the world and pilot a process for seeding a global participatory network of on-the-ground activists committed to tackling the super-wicked problem of global inequality. This memo is an introduction to these fellows, to the toolkit, and most importantly to the groups that launched their own equitable futures conversations in multiple locations around the world.