Exploring the Value of Prevention: Request for Proposal Resources

Date published: June, 2018 (1 pages)

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In the future, greater investment is needed in strategies that promote strong families, healthy relationships, and community health and well-being through addressing the root causes of poor health and violence. As part of our Designing the Future of Health initiative, Blue Shield of California Foundation is soliciting proposals that will seek to answer the question:

What will it take to generate sustainable investments in strategies that produce health and well-being and end violence? 

Our goal is to grow the amount, sources, and consistency of funding for these strategies by using existing resources more creatively, developing innovations in financing, and building greater will to invest across the nonprofit, business, and government sectors.

We also invite you to read this new blog, in which Foundation Senior Program Officer Rachel Wick shares insights and themes to help inform applicants.

Application period has ended.