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Perceptions of Domestic Violence in California's African American Communities

Date published: February, 2019 (41 pages)

With support from the Blue Shield of California Foundation, Social Action Partners (SoACT) developed a mixed-methods study of perceptions and attitudes surrounding domestic violence (DV) in California’s Black/African American community. In this report, SoACT reviewed research findings from the 2017 Black Leaders Survey on Domestic Violence and insights from a series of five focus groups with Black community leaders conducted across the state of California to:

  • Determine how Black community leaders and stakeholders perceive the severity of domestic violence in their communities.
  • Define the root causes of domestic violence in Black communities, as described by Black community leaders and stakeholders.
  • Gauge the awareness and satisfaction of Black community leaders and stakeholders with the current domestic violence infrastructure.
  • Find culturally competent models to serve Black families and communities impacted by domestic violence.
This report provides the Blue Shield of California Foundation, domestic violence advocates and community stakeholders insights on how Black communities in California perceive the challenges they face in combating domestic violence and the resources available.