Designing the Future of Health

At the Foundation, we believe in the value of possibility. We are at the frontier of what can be achieved in California and our opportunities for progress and transformation are perhaps greater than ever. Yet, we continue to see harmful long-term trends related to the root causes of poor health in our communities, such as violence, concentrated poverty, and racism.

During a time of unprecedented change – technological, demographic, social, political, and more – we are prioritizing exploration and innovation to find new ways to prevent what ails our communities and make California the healthiest state in the nation with the lowest rates of domestic violence.

To design that future, we must first understand what it really takes to solve the dynamic problems in front of us and generate breakthrough ideas that will set us on a path toward healthier populations, strong families, and empowered communities.  

With greater knowledge, new ideas, and inspiring partners, we believe we can design the future of health that we know is possible and move California further forward.

While our knowledge about what creates health is constantly evolving, our models for promoting health have not kept pace with, nor do they match, the complexity of the issues at hand. Traditional approaches are often narrowly focused on leveraging existing and separate systems and institutions to design and implement solutions – solutions that often do not accurately reflect communities’ strengths, needs, and challenges. 

It is essential that we learn which trends and frameworks – beyond what’s in place today or established in the past – could lead to breakthrough ideas for long-term gains and sustainable change towards prevention. It’s also critically important that we take the time to listen and learn about the barriers, struggles, and realities within diverse communities - many of which have deep-seated roots. Achieving greater equity and preventing what undermines well-being in the first place isn’t possible until we have a clearer picture of what life and health looks like for all Californians, particularly those who face the most adversity.

Through new opportunities, we hope to:

  • Demonstrate the value of prevention by developing and testing new approaches to sustain what works;
  • Experiment with “ecosystem frameworks” as a model for addressing community health and domestic violence; and
  • Understand future trends and anticipate their impact on health, safety, and equity.

With greater knowledge, new ideas, and inspiring partners, we believe that we can design the future of health we know is possible in California, and move us all further forward. 


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