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Journalism can inform and empower communities, can lead to policy and business changes, and can bring more voices into the discussion.

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A healthy, inclusive, representative democracy is key to good physical and mental health.

Estudio revela diferencias sociales entre californios
By: Foundation staff

El nuevo coronavirus introdujo un sinfín de incertidumbre en nuestras vidas, pero también ha expuesto desigualdades que ya estaban presentes en nuestra sociedad, y, en algunos casos las ha hecho aún más pronunciadas.

Mending California's Great Divide
By: Foundation staff

What determines how a family experiences the wide-ranging social and economic effects of COVID-19? We review current data from our PerryUndem survey.

Women farmworkers gathered at work.

This blog originally appeared on the Blue Shield News Center. California farmland is often called “America’s salad bowl,” as our country’s largest producer of fresh produce, but it can also be a...

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Healthier, happier childcare workers lead to better outcomes for the children they care for. These conditions improve childcare and provide a path for the workers to follow, leading to long-term careers.

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Many Californians are just trying to make it to tomorrow. Increasing income, benefits, and job quality of workers, especially of racial and gender minorities, is a good step towards economic security.

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Debbie I. Chang, MPH Rajni Dronamraju

This article originally appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle : Almost everyone, to some extent, has suffered from the isolation, uncertainty, or emotional and economic effects of the pandemic. But...

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Debbie I. Chang, MPH Melinda K. Abrams

COVID-19 has exposed and intensified long-standing problems in our country, including deep cracks in the U.S. health system and racial and economic injustice.