California's Community Clinics and Health Centers: the Online Conversation

This word cloud highlights users' key concerns with the clinic experience: the clinical encounter with doctors and staff, appointments and waiting, and whether users felt they were well treated.

Blue Shield of California Foundation is releasing a new report by Viewpoint Learning, California's Community Clinics and Health Centers: the Online Conversation, which explores patients' perceptions of clinics and health centers, and their experience with these facilities. This report shows why the internet is an important tool for community clinics, particularly as health reform is implemented and consumers turn to the web for health care information.

Word clouds, such as this one for "overall experience," were generated for this report from online comments in which patients described their experiences at a community clinic in California. The size of each word in the word cloud is proportional to the frequency with which it occurred in the comments. View additional word clouds on good service, poor service, cost, and good doctor.

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