Supporting Veterans and Military Families

Of the almost two million Americans who have returned from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, many have come home with serious mental health conditions and injuries that make everyday life more difficult. Back on U.S. soil, these veterans need our help more than ever. To do our part, the Foundation has invested more than $2 million in projects and organizations that are working to improve the way we support and respond to the needs of our veterans and their families. From piloting innovative re-integration models for vets on college campuses to new research on the correlation between family violence and post-traumatic stress, our investments aim to generate meaningful change and impact for military families across California, and beyond.

Take a look at our stories of success and view the videos below to learn more.

Case Studies

Beyond the Uniform: San Diego Program Helps Veterans Adjust to Life After the Military

Tom Williams’ five-year naval career took him around the world -- from Djibouti, Horn of Africa to Aqaba, Jordan. After conducting funeral services for veterans at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C. with the Navy Ceremonial Guard during his first three years of service, Williams studied to become an information technician (I.T.) specialist for the Navy.

Crossing Boundaries to Support Veterans and Military Families

Our nation’s veterans require and desire a multitude of supports, ranging from help with receiving the right medication to finding employment.  And they rely upon a number of institutions for that help – government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and philanthropic groups to name a few.

From Active Duty to Civilian Life: Easing the Transition

Imagine being a military veteran who has spent the better part of the last decade in Iraq and Afghanistan.  And suddenly, the world you have known completely changes.

Providing Our Veterans Strength at Home

Lee* served in the U.S. Air Force Security Forces for 18 years with stints in Iraq and Afghanistan. During that time, he lived and survived through dangerous combat conditions.

Blue Star Families

Zero8Hundred: Navigate Your Future