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History Reimagined Reimagine Lab

Learn how History Reimagined aims to break the cycle of domestic violence and the school-to-prison pipeline by building the confidence, resilience, trust, and agency of at-risk youth.

Anti-Violence Ventures Reimagine Lab

Reimagine Lab: Preventing cycles of violence, now and into the future is a human-centered design lab supported by the Foundation that produced new and innovative solutions to breaking the cycle of...

Governor Newsom’s announcement of multiple actions to address domestic violence in California, including support for the Relief and Resilience Fund, is encouraging news for all Californians – particularly those affected by domestic violence.

headshot of Debbie Chang

When I came to the Foundation just a few weeks ago, I was energized to help achieve our bold goal: to make California the healthiest state with the lowest rates of domestic violence. I didn’t know it...

Andrew Kolbenschlag

Returning from a flight a few weeks ago, I climbed into a rideshare at San Francisco International Airport. At the end of a long day, I was eager to get home. The driver, a man a few years older than...

Richard Thomason

Our recent life course analysis lifts up promising and proven practices that should be spread and scaled with greater investment.

Elderly person holds grandson
Raymond Baxter, Ph.D.

October marked National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and as part of our efforts, the Foundation was proud to support the October issue of Health Affairs — Violence and Health — which examines...

Jelissa Parham

On a sunny day in the Bay, I walk up to my apartment door and think about how I’m looking forward to spending some time outside attempting to rescue the plants in my garden that I just can’t seem to...

Woman in a conference room
Alisha Somji, Abena Asare, and Lisa Fujie Parks

The following is a guest blog from our parnters at Prevention Institute: Supporting safe relationships, mental wellbeing, and economic security are goals for many communities —but the connections...