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A view of the All In For Kids roundtable conference room
Martin Ricard

Reflections on recent funding opportunities, policy successes, and innovations that address and prevent childhood trauma in California.

A portrait of poet Natalie Patterson

Natalie Patterson, a poet and leader with BEAM (Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective), talks with Blue Shield of California Foundation about her work.

A staff member high-fives students on the yard of The Primary School in the San Francisco Bay Area
Martin Ricard

What some child- and family-serving organizations in California — members of a collaborative called All In For Kids — are learning about ways to prevent domestic violence and other childhood trauma.

Part of a map depicting systems involved in domestic violence

A behind-the-scenes look at our campaign to shift perceptions.

Sonya Young Adam, Lucia Corral Pena, and Sandra Henriquez pose together

Learn how Reimagine Lab’s leaders brought the program's results to life at the recent 2022 National Coalition Against Domestic Violence conference in St. Louis.

Illustration by Mensen shows women and girls at various stages of life

Alliance for Girls is working to better understand the meaning of safety, working with young girls to uncover their true feelings to make them feel safe, protected, and equal.

A mother hugs her child on a couch

Program Manager Hilary Smith met with Time for Change Foundation’s Executive Director Vanessa Perez and Founder Kim Carter to discuss the power of community-level, two-generation practices in breaking the cycle of domestic violence.

two people holding hands

Everyone has a role to play in preventing domestic violence. At the Foundation, our vision is to invest in prevention solutions that make lasting change in the lives of survivors, families, and...

An illustration of a woman (Martha) with her children outside of a safe home

At Blue Shield of California Foundation, we believe that multiple systems are a part of the story of domestic violence, and therefore a part of its prevention. The Downtown Women’s Center in LA , a...