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SPARC leader Shannon Riley and SPARC leader Lisa Quilan with her children

Shannon Riley and Lisa Quilan, leaders from Project SPARC, share their experiences reimagining CalWORKs.

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The Steps to Family Child Care Success program (STEPS) program is a 14-week technical assistance program where participants – who are all women – learn about child development, understand bookkeeping and taxes, expand digital literacy, and market themselves. Lina Mousa is utilizing this program to run her home child child care business serving Iraqi immigrants in the San Diego area.

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The Foundation recently updated its priorities with three new multidisciplinary tracks to turn California into the healthiest state and end domestic violence.

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Journalism can inform and empower communities, can lead to policy and business changes, and can bring more voices into the discussion.

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Healthier, happier childcare workers lead to better outcomes for the children they care for. These conditions improve childcare and provide a path for the workers to follow, leading to long-term careers.

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This blog previously appeared in Health Affairs : These are volatile times. The fast pace of current events, dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic, and uncertainty about the upcoming November 2020...

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When I came to the Foundation just a few weeks ago, I was energized to help achieve our bold goal: to make California the healthiest state with the lowest rates of domestic violence. I didn’t know it...

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Earlier this year, I was late to work, flying down the stairs of the San Bruno BART station to the underground passenger area. The atmospheric rivers in the sky had filled the streets with water,...